Safety training is a pillar of any successful warehouse operation. But as the seasons change, bringing with them a host of new challenges, it’s essential to adapt and enhance your safety training to meet these needs. As we approach the height of the British summer, let’s explore how you can update your safety training to reflect the unique demands of this season, with help from Econform’s Training Academy.

The Importance of Seasonal Safety Training

Seasonal changes bring new considerations to the forefront of warehouse safety. For summer, these include managing heat stress, ensuring equipment functions correctly under increased temperatures, and keeping staff hydrated. Therefore, your safety training must adapt and evolve to reflect these unique challenges.

Enhancing Your Warehouse Safety Training for Summer

  1. Heat Stress Management: As discussed in our earlier post, heat stress is a serious risk during the summer. Training should include information on recognising the symptoms and how to respond.
  2. Equipment Safety: More frequent maintenance checks during the hotter months can prevent equipment malfunctions. Training staff to recognise early warning signs of equipment failure can help catch potential issues before they become major problems.
  3. Hydration and Breaks: Ensuring your team is aware of the importance of regular hydration and breaks during the hotter months is crucial. Encourage regular water intake and schedule more frequent short breaks to prevent overheating.

Econform’s Training Academy: Your Partner in Safety Training

While Econform’s primary function is to streamline the racking inspection process, we also offer a comprehensive safety training resource through our Training Academy. Our CPD-accredited “Racking Safety Awareness” course provides an invaluable foundation for understanding warehouse racking safety.


Updating your safety training to reflect seasonal changes is a crucial step in maintaining a safe and efficient warehouse operation. With the right resources and a commitment to safety, you can ensure your warehouse is prepared for the challenges of the summer months.

Don’t let the summer heat overwhelm your warehouse safety protocols. Let Econform help keep your team trained and ready to face seasonal challenges. Check out our Training Academy’s CPD- accredited “Racking Safety Awareness” course today.

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