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Digitalise your rack management processes

Our innovative racking inspection technology and online training materials help keep your warehouse operations running smoothly and ensure compliance. Our cloud-based racking inspection software is intuitive and simple making it the prefect solution.

What’s Included?


On-Site Survey

To setup the warehouse blueprint we need to review your site and operations.

On-Site Survey

We start by creating a map/blueprint of your warehouse, duplicating your rankings digital footprint and detailing the racking type to the exact specification.

We also discuss staff training requirements to provide a training programme to ensure your staff are trained and aware of rack health and safety regulations.


The Racking App

Our web and mobile apps offer customers an innovative way to manage your warehouse racking health.

The Racking App

Access all warehouse assets through our cloud-based app, allowing your internal/external maintenance team to conduct repairs and have full visibility of your racking health.

We also provide step-by-step training video tutorials on our online training platform to train the wider team on how to use the system. It’s built for ease-of-use, asset management and compliance peace of mind.


Onboarding and Training

Our team will ensure that you understand our web and mobile app.

Onboarding and Training

Our team will ensure that you understand our web and mobile app to ensure you get the very best start with Econform. You will also be given access to the Econform knowledgebase, which is home to our informative tutorials and a community forum.

EXTRA: Annual Racking Inspection

Econform has a UK-wide network of SARI inspectors working directly with our innovative racking software and asset management tool. The racking inspector will work through their racking inspection checklist, looking for damage, twisting, missing items, over-loading and other factors that negatively impact the racking functionality and directly record it on the digital app. Our cloud-based racking inspection web and mobile apps work with the SARI and warehouse operatives to log and record every aspect of your warehouse racking needs.

EXTRA: Racking Awareness Training

Keep up-to-date on the latest racking regulations and understand how to maintain racking safety with regular racking inspections and risk assessments. This learning is completed on our online training platform through video material. Track your training progress, take quizzes and earn certifications on demand.

The Easiest Way to Manage Your Racking Inspections, Racking Assets and Staff Racking Awareness Training

Desktop computer and mobile device showing applications

Software for Warehouse Operators

Everything you need to comply with your legal requirements.

What you get?

  • Access to our Racking & Inspection app

  • Onboarding and training on our apps

  • Onsite setup including warehouse mapping

  • Ongoing account managed support

What is included?

  • One low monthly payment

  • Initial 2 user account setup

  • Access to the Econform Knowledgebase

  • Digital setup is done for you by our team

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